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Who We Are

Sanathana Dharma, popularly today called as Hinduism, is timeless and ageless. Our country, India, is blessed to be the best in the world long before humanity surfaced in other parts of the world. India itself is a heritage. It is a treasure to the world and must be protected by one and all.

Our forefathers have left us with unlimited knowledge and unlimited resources and it is our responsibility to preserve them and pass it on to posterity. The wealth of our knowledge centered around temples. Invaders attacked this very fundamental concept and left several in a state of ruins.

Our View

Tamil Nadu is doubly blessed in that, in spite of barbaric attack by invaders in the past, the temples of Tamil Nadu has stood the test of time. We are blessed to continue the timeless and ageless religious practices, aimed at elevating the individual to a higher state of life – a state where the individual feels as part of the whole yet significant.

Unfortunately, several of these temples are today being attacked from a different kind of enemy – an enemy from within. This time around it is not invaders from outside of India who are plundering our temples but by enemies camouflaged and who live within ourselves.

Several instances have proven today that the “forces” are attempting even today to try and remove the unremovable Temples which have become part and parcel of the everyday life of every Sanathana Dharmi.

Temples are UNDER ATTACK!!!! It is our responsibility that we have to first realize that we are under attack and to do that we must be aware of what’s happening around us. We must understand that these are “OUR TEMPLES” that are being attacked. We must understand that these temples are “OUR PRIDE” so we get a sense of ownership. We must understand that it is “OUR RIGHT” to treasure, enjoy and protect these temples.

Our Mission

As they say, there is more than one way to peel an orange. The path we have chosen is the one that has been practiced by our forefathers – Do good and the bad will disappear automatically. There is no need to fight the enemy for the enemy is not worth fighting.

Yet we have to defend our temples and thus our country by doing what is “right”. That is to utilize the laws of the land to defend leaving the results to the Parabrahmam – as guided by Bhagavad Gita.

Our Path
Our path is to utilize the democratic means, utilize the Courts with the power vested in us by the Constitution of India. Our path is to gather as much evidence as possible and “QUESTION” those who attempt to attack our temples and throught that our Dharma by utilizing the very “Dharma” against such attackers.

Yes, it is a long drawn process, but good things take time to make. Instead of complaining about the inordinate delays and using it as an excuse to take different paths, we accept the limitations in this route, yet strive to make the best of the situation and that will be possible only if we believe that we are not the WIELDER but the ARROW in the able hands of Shri Ram!

Like those monkeys who totally surrendered to Shri Ram and did what is otherwise impossible to mortals, build a bridge across an ocean, it will be our endeavor to be part of Shri Ram’s army and do what the world may be unable to imagine, yet will be in awe of the power of Shri Ram even after several yugas.

While we were pioneers in building temples, unthinkable by anyone else even today, it is unfortunate that it is not we who “certify” what a “World Heritage” is but we depend on “others” to declare a few “select” structures as “World Heritage Sites”. The reason is that we have lost our knowledge and pride in the structures our forefathers had left us to protect, preserve and pass on to the next generations.

Our attempt is to strive to change this situation, to regain the knowledge, technique, skill, and stature that our forefathers commanded, all through the spiritual path.

It is a journey! Let’s travel together and be subject to the blessings of Parabhramam.

Jai Shri Ram!

About Me

Shri Rama Dasan!!! Nothing more! Nothing less!